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Arizona Sheepdog Family Camp-outs 




 Next CAMP OUT Oct. 1 thru Oct. 8

Directions  To Camp Out:

We will be camping at the Horse Ranch this time.

Directions: From Payson headed east to Heber continue on the 260 till about 10 miles past Heber. Watch for the 315 mile marker, guard rail and place to pull out.  If you've gone to the 316 marker you have gone too far.  Turn right at the pull out and stay on the road taking no forks.  It's about 2 miles down the road on the road.  We have camped here many times.  For people coming from Mesa it only takes about 2.5 hours to get there.  There is no water nor bathrooms so were on our own.


If you need a user name and password to sign up or teach classes, use: sheepdog  (for both)


If sheepdog doesn't work use:     avow    for both user name and password.


Important notice:  All wiki users must log off the web site after using sheepdog or avow as only one user at a time can use those user names and passwords to edit (add information) to a page.


  Who is coming? Sign up PLEASE, click here  After logging in, go to signup page and click on edit, enter your info, then at the bottom click save.   Please sign in or call Roxie or Marta so we know if people are coming as soon as you know if you are coming.



CLASSES & ACTIVITIES -- sign up to teach a Class     Click Here



To View Pictures or View Handout Material from Previous Sheep Dog Camp Outs:

Click on the Following Link:  https://drive.google.com/open?id=1dNII016JhQjq34btsCbtM7nUpqQNPRO6

Note: If you would like to upload pictures or handout material, please contact Robert Hyatt and he'll give you Upload/Edit permission - HyattLDS1@Gmail.com




WHO?: Bring your family and friends. We have been camping 3 times a year since July 2009, and that is when some of us met each other. It is fun to make new friends, greet dear friends from all over Arizona and several surrounding states, practice emergency preparedness skills, and try out new equipment. 

Classes: Monday through Friday, we always have a variety of good classes.
Please sign up on the wiki (see the link above) to teach a class.

What To Bring:   Everything you will need for your own family for shelter, sanitation, and meals. There is no water, no restrooms, no grills, no tables, no shelter, no lighting, etc.  Please bring your own facilities and anything else you will need. It will be good practice. We always learn something new each time. Some of us are very experienced campers, and some of us are new to camping. We share ideas and help each other. BRING LOTS OF GAMES TO PLAY!

1.   In the winter and spring it will be very cold at night, so bring a very warm sleeping bag, cot or pad, and propane or kerosene heater or wood burning tent stove, a hat to sleep with and your tent.

2.   Bring several alternative ways to practice cooking in case there isn't enough sunlight for solar ovens, or your propane stove won’t light, or your charcoal takes forever to cook something in the rain and wind.  All three of these have happened to me. Once when I got home from camp my husband fixed my 30 year old propane stove with a new O-ring and some lubrication, and Marti's husband fixed her brand new propane stove with a new connector. Since our husbands weren't there at camp that time, we had to resort to an alcohol paint can stove to heat up a special sauce to add to dinner that was already cooking in the Dutch oven with coals. It is fun to experiment with Wonder Box ovens, Thermal Jack cookers, campfires, Dutch ovens, charcoal, a butane stove, a Kelly Kettle, etc.

3.   Each family will provide their own breakfast and lunch Monday through Friday, but in the evenings we will have potluck dinners. 


4.   Set up your own hand washing station with soap and a towel.  Help your family members to remember to wash hands after sanitation activity and before cooking and eating.  This is especially important at this time.


5.   Set up your bathroom. It can be in a privacy shelter with an handicap potty chair with a bucket that you can empty or any other type you would like. We found that putting a handful of wood chips, cat liter or sawdust in after each use prevents odor and flies. Take a shovel so you can bury it when the bucket starts to get full. Remember toilet paper and wet wipes.  (May I add, if you use someone else's toilet facilities, please be willing to dig the hole and dump the contents.)


  Things we still need:

Remember no one is in charge and we don’t have a committee this time, so step up and volunteer to make this camp a success, like they always have been.

1.   Someone to bring and setup a shelter large enough for a common area for classes and the potluck dinners in case of rain, and hang a couple of lanterns in it. Everyone can set up their own tables and chairs in this common area. Each person who uses this common area needs to help cleanup.  

2.   There should be enough firewood for a group campfire at night, or else each family can donate a little wood.  A chain saw would be great to gather firewood for the common area



3.   Someone to volunteer to be in charge of an evening campfire program or a family game night. Sometimes these organized campfire programs have been wonderful, and sometimes it is more fun for families to have their own evening activities and campfires, and to go visit each other, instead of trying to organize a large one.

     Monday - FHE (need a volunteer to teach the lesson from Come Follow Me)

     Tuesday - Talent Show.  Practice your latest and show off!

     Wednesday - Joke night (start writing down your favorites or Verlane will win)!

     Thursday - Game night 

     Friday -Rook night

     Saturday - Visit, organize, play cards. 


4.   Someone to welcome everyone and help them find a place to setup, and pass around a clipboard for everyone to write their names and email address, phone #s, etc. Usually Marta Waddell does this, so no one new will be left out of the publicity for the next camp out



Remember, no one is required to cook or cater for anyone else's special diets.  Please do however, be prepared and knowledgeable as to what ingredients are in your dish so you can accurately answer any questions for those with allergies, etc.  At this time during COVID-19 Pandemic, if you feel you are an at risk person for your health please do not participate in Potluck.  Please feel free to prepare and serve your own meal and then join everyone else for dinner. 






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